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BVE Resources

We’re excited for a great school year. The entire BVE team is here for you!
Please always reach out with questions, concerns, or to just share a compliment.
Meredith Dolley, Principal [email protected]
Jamey Carman, Assistant Principal [email protected]
Stephanie Haren, School Counselor [email protected]
PTA President Email [email protected]
BVE Main Office Line 925 927 3551
BVE Attendance Line 925 927 3558

Who do I reach out to if…

…my child is sick? 
A. Please call the attendance line and we hope your Bobcat feels better!

…I have questions about my Bobcat’s academics?
A. Start with your teacher; we can support.

…I have questions about social/emotional support?
A. Start with your teacher; we have lots of resources.

…there was an incident that I want to report?
A. You can report to your teacher, school administration, school counselor, or BIRS, whichever you feel most comfortable. We will work as a team to problem solve.


Other Resources

Bus/Transportation Program Information

SEED (Special Education Enrichment Development Foundation)
SEED’s Mission is to enrich the education of children with special and diverse learning needs, and maximize resources and supports to these children and their families in Lafayette, California.
CareSolace (Mental Health Services)
Lafayette School District is committed to the health, safety, and well-being of our students, staff, and families. We are proud to continue our partnership with Care Solace to support our ongoing commitment. If you or a family member are looking for help with mental health, Care Solace will quickly connect you to community providers matched to your needs. Call 888-515-0595 at any time or search on your own at
Technology and Your Child
This link offers information and advice on your child's interaction with technology and media. It offers anything from movie, book, and app recommendations to advice on big issues concerning your child and the media.